Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Happiness Dare By Jennifer Dukes Lee

The Happiness Dare
by Jennifer Dukes Lee

The Happiness Dare is a book that reminds us of God's desire for us to be happy; when we are happy we more closely resemble Christ.

I enjoyed reading this book and it had some great reminders! Jennifer Dukes Lee reminds us that our sweet spot is when our unique wiring, in earthly pleasure, and heavenly joy meet. It's not about finding the happiness path that everyone else is on, it's about our unique wiring and our God-given, innate character traits that can lead us to happiness.

This book also details out how to find your happiness style. Are you a Doer, Relater, Experiencer, Giver, or Thinker? Finding this happiness style will help one further maximize their happiness depending on how they are wired. It goes further into detail about each type of Happiness Style, asking questions and delving deeper into what that style looks like and how to better understand it as well.

This is a great book that I highly recommend for those seeking who they are and those seeking how to be happier. It is great to be reminded that God wants us to be happy, so we can only reflect Christ more. Through this book, we are reminded of the main foundation, that God created happiness, and we were created in His image.

Complimentary copy provided by Tyndale House Publishers